The Haven Program was developed as a residential answer for human trafficking survivors of any age. Families that volunteer to be a safe haven home welcome a survivor to live in their home, become a part of their family, and experience a warm, welcoming, safe home environment. Unlike customary foster families, Haven Home families agree to take in only one survivor. Human trafficking survivors of any age often experience complex trauma, PTSD, severe physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Living in a home with other foster children becomes difficult for the survivor as well as the foster family. Haven Home families works together with our LIfeboat Project team of professionals while the survivor is a part of the program. Individual needs are met in collaboration with all members of the treatment team, the survivor, and her family.


Haven Home families are intricately involved in the lives of their survivor, and assist every step of the way until healthy independence is accomplished.


All Haven Home families receive training before and during placement, and agree to background checks and personal references.

If you feel led to be a part of our Haven Home Program, please fill out the questionnaire on the volunteer page.

Contact Information

Phone: 407-310-8905


Address:  PO Box 1083  Apopka, Florida  32704


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