The Lifeboat Project brings victims of human trafficking from the raging storm to a safe port as survivors.




 The Lifeboat Project is driven to the prevention and education of individuals regarding human trafficking. In partnership with ECS (Engineering and Computer Simulation) we have developed a one of a kind educational gaming app for junior high and high school students. This app has received prestigious awards in the categories of Education and Gaming.


Download the app from the Google Play store or the Apple App store here!

The Lifeboat Project, a 501(c)(3), offers the unprecedented Returning to Wholeness program for all survivors of human trafficking.  This Returning to Wholeness Program includes, but is not limited to:

Counseling, healthcare, group counseling, job skills, life skills, career skills, and job placement internship programs.


Our programs are unique in its application to providing comprehensive programs for survivors of human trafficking.  The Lifeboat Project walks beside every survivor through the process of healing, growth, independence, and joyous living.

The Lifeboat Project understands that the lives of survivors can not exist in a vacuum. We involve survivors in community events, business opportunities, and community empowerment groups. As a 501(c)(3), we are extremely active and partner with other non-government organizations, as well as a The Greater Orlando Task Force, which was co-founded by Jill Bolander Cohen and local law enforcement.


The Lifeboat Project attends local and nationwide symposiums, conferences, and educational events.

Contact Information

Phone: 407-310-8905


Address:  PO Box 1083  Apopka, Florida  32704


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