We Won’t Stop Until Victims Are Safe and the World is Altered Forever.

The Lifeboat Project does more than raise awareness on a taboo subject; we turn victims into survivors. We are a light and a way out. However, being removed from the situation is only the beginning. The Lifeboat Project provides lifelong support. We guide victims on their journey towards freedom and recovery. We help restore their dignity and show them how to love themselves and others once again.


Freedom Network USA: Human Trafficking Coalition Central Florida Continuum of Care/ Homeless Services Network Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force


The mission of The Lifeboat Project is to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and empower the lives of survivors through long-term aftercare, residential programs, and education.


The Lifeboat Project’s vision is to inspire and engage communities in a collaborative effort to end human trafficking.

Our Housing-First Approach
Provides Long-Term Residential Services.

The Lifeboat Project is unique. We provide a safe and stable place for victims to work on achieving healthy independence for as long as they need it. Each survivor works with a victim advocate to create a comprehensive care plan, including case management, counseling, health care, legal services, job-skills training, educational opportunities, and mentorship.

Victims Need Your Support