The Lifeboat Project brings victims of human trafficking from the raging storm to a safe port as survivors.”

The Lifeboat Project does more than raise awareness on a taboo subject; we turn victims into survivors. We are a light and a way out. However, being removed from the situation is only the beginning. The Lifeboat Project provides lifelong support. We guide survivors on their journey towards sustained freedom and recovery. We help restore their dignity and show them how to love themselves and others once again.

Members of

  • Central Florida Continuum of Care/ Homeless Services Network
  • Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Seminole County Human Trafficking Task Force

Our Mission

The mission of The Lifeboat Project is to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and to empower the lives of survivors through long-term aftercare, residential programs, trauma counseling, housing, personal development, and educational resources.

Our Vision

The Lifeboat Project’s vision is to inspire and engage communities in a collaborative effort to battle human trafficking.

Our Population

The Lifeboat Project provides comprehensive services in a structured environment over seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day to victims of human trafficking, regardless of gender, faith denomination, racial-ethnic background, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. Individuals may self-refer or be referred by other community resources, including but not limited to law enforcement officials, corrections officers, and courts.

The Compass Program

The Compass Program is characterized by a series of three complete phases: “Safe, Heal, Grow” that are designed to incrementally and systematically increase the level of efficacy and responsibility achieved by each survivor. Each phase is outlined in terms of expectations as they are related to service plan goals and areas of responsibility. Actual duration of our program is contingent upon the individualized services required, and specific goals applicable to each survivor.

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