Upcoming Events

  • A Fundraising Event


    Fri, July 16, 2021 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    The Lifeboat Project and JCFilms are proud to announce their partnership, in conjunction with actor Dean Cain, for the upcoming film NOT FOR SALE: FLORIDA. Central Florida is known for its booming tourism market and thriving hospitality industries, but a silent enslaved population of human trafficking victims hides among the millions of people that travel throughout the region. NOT FOR SALE: FLORIDA will depict true stories of human trafficking crimes. This film will also showcase an inspiring new narrative of how the hospitality industry is winning the current battle against human trafficking.

Coming Soon

  • Looney Lifeboat Regatta

    Team up, build your own boat, and try not to sink! Join us for a fun day in Turkey Lake as we raise money from human trafficking survivors. Check back for more updates!
  • Laps for the Lifeboat

    Walk as many laps as possible around Anchor Point's 'Serenity Pathway' in 60 minutes. All funds to benefit The Lifeboat Project for housing, support services, and other efforts against human trafficking. If you'd like your group to sponsor a Laps for the Lifeboat event at the Serenity Pathway or a place of your choice, contact us at info@thelifeboatproject.org