What is the Magnitude of this Modern Evil?

When it comes to the reality of human trafficking, so many of us react in disbelief. The fact is, throughout the globe, an estimated 40.3 million victims are trapped in modern-day slavery.

Worse yet, it’s happening right in our backyard: Florida is among the three worst human trafficking states.

The Lifeboat Project is working hard to end this harrowing injustice. Every day, we’re doing more than raising awareness for labor and sex trafficking; we help victims become survivors.

We’re Hard at Work: Prevention through Education
The Lifeboat Project collaborated with The Rotary Club of Florida to help victims reach out for help using the “H” and “T” (Human Tracking) in sign language. Signs and a video are available throughout Central Florida to educate potential victims.

Introducing An App Designed to Prevent Trafficking

The Lifeboat Project’s mission includes human trafficking prevention and education. In partnership with world-renowned Engineering and Computer Simulation, we have developed a gaming app to educate junior high and high school students on how to protect themselves from human trafficking and exploitation. The objective of the game is for the player to ultimately recognize and correctly identify cues or “Red flags” that could signify a situation where trafficking may be occurring. This app has received prestigious awards in the categories of Education and Gaming. View the app in desktop mode or download it on your mobile device.


Victims Need Your Support